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The copper Sign



"A vital, evocative novel with a female protagonist who forges swords but also our vision of the middle ages."


Javier Sierra, author of The Secret Supper and The Lost Angel about The Copper Sign


“One day I will forge a sword for the King!”

England, 1161, twelve-year old Ellenweore has a rare gift for smithing steel but being a girl, she is not destined to take over her father’s forge. Against all odds she decides to pursue her true calling. Disguised as a boy, she becomes the apprentice to a famous swordsmith and follows him to Normandy.

As fate would have it, she falls in love with William Marshal, a young knight dreaming of fame and glory and forges the most beautiful and perfect sword for him. However, the life she has built on a lie is about to be turned upside-down as Thibault, a malicious young nobleman spurned by jealousy threatens to reveal to the world what she really is.

Ellenweore flees again, but the evil is not far behind...
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I am glad to be able to show you some photos I like, watch from left to right:

1. Petra Schmalz, a female smith who

    helped me a lot to understand a

    woman's postion in a man's world.

2. Me on the bookfair back in 2007

    with Athanor!

3. Old sign for a blacksmith's shop

4. Me writing my third book


5. Arno Eckhardt, a swordsmith who

    was of great help and inspiration for

    all smithing parts in The Copper Sign

6. Me and one of my fans at a book


7. Me reading in an old forge

8. And this is how Franz Vohwinkel,

    the illustrator of the book, imagined

    Ellenweore with her red, curly hair

    and her leather apron...


The second page of the gallery shows all the illustrations that will be in the book...

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Paperback: 646 pages

Publisher: AmazonCrossing (December 6, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1611090342

ISBN-13: 978-1611090345